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Maintaining your Fleet:


If you manage a fleet of trucks and trailer equipment it can be difficult to maintain and keep a log of all the maintenance needed.

It is a huge hassle to track all the trucks systems and maintenance needs by hand. Using spreadsheets can seem like the easy answer to this issue, unfortunately spreadsheets quickly get very overwhelming. Keeping separate spreadsheets for the Pm’s and repairs, DOT or BIT type inspections to provide to the government is a huge headache.

Your best option is to use Tatem, discover how simple fleet maintenance software can be

3 Benefits to Using Fleet Maintenance Software


3 Benefits to Using Fleet Maintenance Software

Cost Effective- Fleet maintenance software allows your business to minimize unexpected repairs and can extend the life of your assets.

Flexibility- A variety of people working in different industries can benefit from the features offered by most of this type of software (mechanics, office personnel, business owners, etc.)

Quick Benefits- This type of software allows you reduce the amount of paper being used and reduces the effort associated with preparing physical documents. If you or your business is interested in a helpful, easy to use fleet maintenance software specializes in this type of software for small and medium sized businesses.

Fleet Maintenance Software Improvements video for TATEMS 4.5.09

I'm a bit behind on getting these new features videos created.

The video below shows you what improvements we made to TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software version 4.5.09

In the video I go over:

1.Changed the Update Odometer and Hours screen for a single peice of equipment

2. Changed “Force Update” button to read “Refresh on the Equipment Summary Tab”

3. Added new Work Orders report  called “Completed Work Orders by Equip Number w/ Complete By Date Criteria under reports->more reports->Report Type Work Orders

4. Added new ability to do bulk odometer and hours entries and import odometer and hours from an Excel spreadsheet under forms->Bulk Odometer And Hours Entry (See Preview Video)

5. Added Location and Dept/Area to All Equipment Based Reminders screens and Reminders Reports

6.Added Equip Description to Permits/Inspections Reminders Report

See a list of all our latest updates here:

We are actually up to version 4.5.12 so more videos with more improvements for the newer versions coming soon…

Thanks for watching!