We've created these Excel Spreadsheet Reports that you can use to link to your TATEMS data and then customize, slice and dice your data any way you want to.


These spreadsheets created by us will not alter your existing TATEMS data.


They only pull a current snapshot of your TATEMS data into the spreadsheet.


For any of the spreadsheets below to download them you should (Right click and choose save link/target as)

  1. TATEMS All Parts Inventory No Grouping (Updated Nov 5, 2015 to include Bin Location and Bin)
  2. TATEMS All Periodic Inspections Done.xls
  3. TATEMS Parts Category Types Equipment Costs.xls
  4. TATEMS Personnel Report.xls
  5. TATEMS Parts For This Equipment.xls
  6. TATEMS Work Orders With Make Model Year Of Equipment
  7. TATEMS Dept or Area + Equip Num Work Order Totals
  8. TATEMS Tires Installed Entire Fleet
  9. TATEMS Equipment State or Province Registration Renewals And Costs
  10. TATEMS Report Parts Inventory On Hand No Prices
  11. TATEMS Report All Parts Inventory List Including OutOfStock NoPrices
  12. TATEMS Report All Parts Inventory List Including Parts OnRE-Order
  13. TATEMS Report Needed Main And Repairs Sort By SortOrder
  14. TATEMS Report Parts Inventory Types Installed Quantites And Costs
  15. TATEMS Report Yearly Fuel Log Totals For Each Equip
  16. TATEMSReportYearlyFuelLogTotalsIncludingOverallMilesPerGallonForEachEquip
  17. TATEMS Report-PartsInventory Parts Last Used And Never Used
  18. TATEMS Driver Licence Renewals Grouped By Months
  19. TATEMSDeptORArea+EquipWorkOrderTotalsReport+GroupedByYear
  20. TATEMS Report Fuel Log State Prov Totals
  21. TATEMS Lube Service Report With Notes Report
  22. TATEMS Equipment List With Current Odometer And Hours
  23. TATEMS Equipment Filters List Sorted By SortOrder Then EquipNum
  24. TATEMS Cost Per Mile For Work Orders For 2008 Report
  25. TATEMSReportFuelLogTotalsIncludingMilesPerGallonForEachEquipByMonth
  26. TATEMS Report Equipment Tires With Current Odometer
  27. TATEMSEquipmentListSortbyLocationWithCurrentOdometerAndHours
  28. TATEMSLastAndNextLubeServiceAllEquipment
  29. TATEMSPartsUsedCountTotalsPast12Months
  30. TATEMSFiltersListWithCountsNeededForStockingQuantity
  31. TATEMSLastAndNextLubeServiceAllEquipmentWithMileageKmHours
  32. TATEMS Equipment Parts And LaborTotals With Location And Current ODO (Updated Sept 2015 to improve accuracy)
  33. TATEMS Repairs Done With Certain Drivers On Equipment
  34. TATEMS Report Historical Parts Prices
  35. TATEMS Report All Repairs Completed
  36. TATEMSRepairsCompletedTotalsWithMakeModelYearTypeAndCurrentOdometer
  37. TATEMSWorkOrdersTotalsWithMakeModelYearTypeAndCurrentOdometer
  38. TATEMS Equipment List With GVWR Axles And Tires
  39. TATEMSAllOdometerAndHoursReadingsSortedByEquipThenDate
  40. TATEMSAllOdometerReadingsEachDateHasOwnColumnForAllof2010
  41. TATEMSWorkOrdersLabor-Parts-Misc-SalesTaxTotals (Updated Sept 2015 to improve accuracy) (link to TATEMS data videos Video Link)
  42. TATEMSPartsForThisEquipTotalForEachYear
  43. TATEMSWorkOrderPartsTotalsForEachEquipForEachYear
  44. TATEMSPartsForThisEquipNumberOfTimesPartNumberUsedAndCost
  45. TATEMSWorkOrdersDateRequestedDateCompletedShortAndDetailedDescriptions
  46. TATEMSEquipmentFiltersListSortedByLocationThenSortOrderThenEquipNum
  47. TATEMSEquipmentListVehicleWeightsFuelTypeGasCardPOEngine
  48. TATEMSRepairsCompletedTotalsWithCustomerMakeModelYearTypeAndCurrentOdometer
  49. TATEMS-LubeLubeServices-LastDone-NextDue-MileageKmHoursDaysRemainingTillDue(Excel 2007 or newer only)
  50. TATEMS-PartsVendorHistoryOfInstalledPartsCosts
  51. TATEMS-WorkOrderTotalsByReferenceNumber
  52. TATEMS-LubeServiceRemindersWithRemainingTimeLeft (Excel 2007 or 2010 only)
  53. TATEMS-QuantityOfDifferentFiltersInstalledFromWorkOrders (Blog & how to video Video Link)
  54. TATEMS-PartsReplacedUnderWarranty (Blog & how to video Video Link)
  55. TATEMS PeriodicInspspectionsDueOrPastDueWithLocationDeptAndCustomer (Blog & how to video Video Link)
  56. TATEMS-DriverFuelEfficiencyReportfz3-13046405879860 ( Blog & how to video Video Link)
  57. TATEMS-GrandTotalsForWorkOrderDiscountsAndMisc (Blog & How to blog post)
  58. TATEMS-Equipment-Work Order-TotalsForLaborPartsMiscAndDiscounts ( Blog & How to blog post )
  59. TATEMSEquipmentListWithAllLubeServicesCompletedDetails (Blog & how to video Video Link)
  60. TATEMS-LaborOnWorkOrders-PendingAndCompleted (Blog & how to video Video Link)
  61. TATEMS-EquipmentFilters-WithCustomer-Location-DeptOrArea-Fields (Blog & how to video Video Link)
  62. TATEMS-InspectionsAndPermitsLastAndNext (Blog & how to video Video Link)
  63. TATEMS-Equipment-List-With-Out-Of-Service-Column (Blog & how to video Video Link Also quick overview how to link to TATEMS )
  64. TATEMSEquipPartsAndLaborTotalsWithCustomerAreaDeptLocationMakeModelYearAndCurrentODO(Blog & how to video Video Link)
  65. TATEMSReportDriverTotalMiles-KmTraveledPerEquipment
  66. TATEMS-OpenWorkOrdersServicedByShortAndDetailedDescriptions
  67. TATEMS-WorkOrdersTotalsByMonthPerEquipment
  68. TATEMSEquipmentListWithEquipmentTypeAndCurrentOdometerAndHours
  69. TATEMS-WorkOrdersTotalsWithDtRequestedAndCompletedRefSrvBy
  70. TATEMSEquipLifetimeMontlyFuelLogMilesTraveledGallonsMpgFuelCost
  71. TATEMS-WorkOrdersTotalsWithDtRequestedCompleteByCompleted-1stShortDescr
  72. TATEMS-PuchaseDate-CurrentOdometer-LastDOTInsp-LastMaintenanceOdometerAndDate-NextMaintOdometerAndDateAndInsuranceExpiration
  73. TATEMS-WorkOrdersServicebyVendorTotalsAllTime
  74. TATEMS-AllOpenWorkOrdersSortedByEquipNumWithServicebyAndShortDesc
  75. TATEMS-WorkOrdersShortDescriptionsList
  76. TATEMS-AllOpenWorkOrdersSortedByEquipNumWithServicebyAndShortDesc1Through5
  77. TATEMS Report-Repairs-Completed-WithEquipDesc-Location-Dept-Customer
  78. TATEMSEquipmentAttachmentsList (Blog & how to video Video Link)
  79. TATEMSEquipmentListWithCustomerEquipTypeOdometerAndHoursMeter-InServiceOnly (Blog & how to video Video Link)
  80. TATEMSEquipmentListWithCurrentOdometerHoursFiltersLastLubeService (Blog & how to video Video Link)
  81. TATEMSInventoryValueForActivePartsAndWorkOrderPartsInstalledTotalsByCompletedDate
  82. TATEMSPartsInventoryNeverUsedAndNotUsedInLast18MonthsWithCurrentOnHand
  83. TATEMSRepairCodeTotalsGroupedByYear (Blog & how to video Video Link
  84. TATEMSRepairCodeTotalsGroupedByEquipmentAndByYear (Blog & how to video Video Link)
  85. TATEMS-AllWorkOrdersWithServicebyAndShortDesc1Through5
  86. TATEMS-MilesKmTraveledHoursRunAllEquipmentGroupedByYear
  87. TATEMSNeededMaintenance-RepairsWithCustomer-Location-DeptOrArea
  88. TATEMS-AllWorkOrdersWithServicebyAndShortDesc1Through5-EquipDetail-LaborEmployee-MeterReadings
  89. TATEMSAllPartsInventoryItemsTypesQuantiesInstalledCostsRepairCodesEmployeeIDMechanicNameOnAllEquipment
  90. TATEMS-InsuranceRenewalWithExtraFieldsAddedOwnedLeasedAndOdometer
  91. TATEMSReport-EqNum-Customer-RepairDesc--RepairDate-RepairCost-PMType-PMInterval-NextPM-PMInterval-NextPM-PurchasePrice-OriginalEquipCost-Condition (The repairs listed on report 91 will show up as duplicates if the equipment has more than one Lube/Service Type done on it in that pas 1 repair for each Lube/Service Type (PM Type) the next OM will also repeat once for each repair)
  92. TATEMSReport-EqNum-Customer-TotalRepairCost-MTD-RepairCost-PMType-PMInterval-NextPM-PurchasePrice-Condition
  93. TATEMS-WorkOdersAndRepairsCompletedCombined

For a special video that shows you how to use these spreadsheets with TATEMS click here