TATEMS Lube Service PM Tab Help

The video below goes over the Lube/Service aka “PM” tab in TATEMS

This video covers:

  1. Creating a Lube/Service Type
  2. How to Edit Mistakes made to the Lube/Service Type
  3. Entering in a new Lube Service
  4. Entry of Lower Interval Lube Services
  5. Preferences Settings for Lower Interval Lube services
  6. Lube/Service (Pm) Reminders
  7. Lube/Service Reports

The video below will show you how you can change to a new Lube/Service type and deactivate an old one.

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rob - August 17, 2015

We’ve changed the hour meter in one of our trucks and need to start the truck off at 0 hours. when I changed the previous lube service records to show “old meter”, the record still shows the old service hours and the service interval is messed up. How do I change things so we can go forward with the new hour meter?

RANGER TRANSPORT - February 29, 2016

I would to know how to remove Accomplished by names in lube/service section

    Marc Ready - March 16, 2016


    Sorry it tool so long, these blog comment notification emails never make it to our inbox for some reason.

    If you are referring to to names in the Lube/Service Accomplished By dropdown list you would go to Forms->Personnel and uncheck then as a Fleet Technician. Checking the inactivate box should also work but it is not working on the current version 4.6.19k. Will be working on either 4.6.19l or 4.7.00.

    Thanks Again



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