TATEMS Fleet Maintenance Software video preview new backup location & screen resizing

I just shot 2 quick videos for you.

The first one shows you a new feature for upcoming version 4.6.17 that will allow you to choose the backup location (38 seconds)

The second one shows you how you will be able to resize the screen to take up more space on larger higher resolution screens. (68 seconds)

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If you can’t see the videos because YouTube is blocked let me know and I will put them on an alternate host.

Thanks Again


JHUBBARD - April 14, 2015

Thanks for the video it’s something i will be able to use, the backup location that is.

Carlos Moran - April 20, 2015

I think both of the video seems very promising, be able to back up where is safe instead of back up and copy file.
Good work
Carlos Moran

    Marc Ready - April 20, 2015

    Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for your comment. I think it will be a big help too.

    Thanks Again


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